Demolition Services in Jacksonville, FL

North Florida Waste Management provides residential demolition services, commercial and industrial services and government demolition and debris removal services to the North Florida region.

Safety First!

We take a proactive and safe approach to your demolition project and work closely with you to ensure safety and property preservation to our fullest extent. We understand your needs and will analyze the demolition project from design to completion.

Why We Are the Best Demolition Company in Jacksonville, FL

Demolition is defined as the dismantling, razing, destroying or wrecking of any building or structure, or any part of that structure. North Florida Waste Management provides residential, commercial and industrial and government demolition and debris-removal services to the entire North Florida region. Our clients include homeowners, small businesses, commercial and industrial businesses, and government organizations of all kinds. We are greater Jacksonville’s best demolition company, with the best professionals, tools, and equipment to handle the smallest of demolition projects, to the largest of demolition projects. Our reputation in the industry and in the great state of Florida is one of reliability, professionalism, and safety.

Demolition Safety is Our Top Priority

Demolition has historically been described as “construction in-reverse, with additional hazards.” At North Florida Waste Management, we couldn’t agree more! We take great pride in providing greater Jacksonville and the First Coast with expert demolition services that focus on thorough and proper planning, the right equipment (including the correct personal protective equipment for our workers) and the strictest compliance with all Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) standards so as to reduce and eliminate job site risks of every kind. It’s important to understand that demolition involves all of the hazards of regular construction, with additional hazards on top of these due to unknown factors.


Such factors may include: Changes from the structure’s original design that may have been introduced during construction; Approved or unapproved modifications that altered the original design; Materials that are hidden within structural elements, such as lead, asbestos, silica, and other chemicals or heavy metals requiring special material handling; Unknown strengths or weaknesses of construction materials, such as post-tensioned concrete; Hazards created by the demolition methods used. (Explosives are a good example.) 

To combat these, everyone at a demolition worksite must be fully aware of all potential hazards that may be encountered. Taking appropriate safety precautions to protect assets that may exist on your property, assets or structures on adjacent properties, and all the people on the job site or nearby is of the highest importance.

Thoughtful Planning & Execution

What’s great about a company like ours, that maintains a commitment to proper, thorough planning, is that it naturally produces efficiencies in time, equipment and manpower…which translates to savings for our clients. 

Here’s the type of planning we undertake for demolition projects of all types and sizes in greater Jacksonville and the First Coast: An engineering survey completed by a qualified individual before any demolition work takes place. This includes the condition of the structure and the possibility of an unplanned collapse. Locating, securing, and/or relocating any nearby utilities. When any uncertainty exists, we always call 811 before we dig. Fire prevention and evacuation plan. First aid and emergency medical services. A completed assessment of health hazards before any demolition work takes place.

Now that you know you’ve got the right company for the job, it’s time to talk with us so that we may gain an understanding of the location, type of structure or structures, size and scope of the project, and your timeline for completed demolition and removal of debris. Once we have this, we’ll deliver you an accurate estimate for the job, and begin authoring the demolition plan that includes equipment, men, materials, removal services, and a project timeline, Always contact for extra help.